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How does it work?

You can browse this website even when you don’t have data.

For now, this is only possible on the Econet network but we hope to extend this to NetOne and Telecel in the near future. That said, even for those on NetOne and Telecel, it’s extremely cheap to use this website compared to other news sites

Important to note

If you have a general mobile data bundle, accessing this site will use that bundle first until you don’t have any data.

If you have airtime on your phone, make sure you have switched off out of bundle browsing. If you don’t switch it off, Econet will also use up your airtime first when you access this website.

To switch off out of bundle browsing:
– Dial *143#
– Select Option 7: Account Services
– Select Option 3: Out of Bundle Browsing
– Select Option 2: Do not allow
– Select Option 1: Yes
If you are not sure whether or not your out of bundle browsing is off, just follow the steps above. There is no harm in switching it off even when it was already off.

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